Mailing Address:

Hole in the Wall
2538 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX 78705

EVENTS – For information about hosting events at the Hole in the Wall, see the Events page.

FILMING – If you want to shoot a music video or other film project at the venue, please e-mail Lynn at

MEDIA – For press and other inquiries, please e-mail Lynn at

BOOKING – For music booking information, hop on over to the INFO FOR BANDS page.

All other inquries must be made in person at the venue. Stop in anytime, talk to a friendly bartender, grab a whiskey with a regular, ask the manager on duty about your question, and we’ll do our best to help you.

If you left something here, come by the next day after 3pm, and we will help you find it.


You can always leave a message for management here


49 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hey, I read a review of a “reunion” concert which The WIld Seeds played at your place in October, 2001. Do you know if there is a recording of this concert? Thanks much.

    Mike Sullivan
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  2. Hello, I am wanting to buy tickets for an upcoming show on Friday March 2, 2012. The Mother Hips homempage says buy tickets and it takes me to your website, but I do not see a spot to buy tickets.I am driving down from North of Dallas and want to make sure I have tickets. How do I get them?

  3. Hello, I was just wondering if the rap artist Future will be performing in this cafe on March 16,2012. If that’s a positive I’ll like to know how to buy tickets or resrve a spot and perhaps the time if there’s one. Thanks

    • We are checking with the promoter on that date and we will get back to you on that booking. However, we do not have a system for advance tickets or reserve seating. You will just need to make sure to be here early enough for the event.

  4. I was there a couple weeks back and your awesome bartender had me try a pear-cider while I was there that he said was comparable to Ace Pear. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember what it was that I drank. Also, the amazing Schwarzbeir that was on tap there- do you know if that brand (name also escapes me) is available outside of Austin?

  5. Still have a softball team? Doug Cougina? Debby? Mary Green? Patty Troiana? Omar and the Howlers? Spent some wonderful time there…

  6. Hi, my name is Sophia and I’m a student here at UT Austin in the film school. I am an assistant producer for an upcoming short film that we are wanting to shoot from January 26-February 5 and we were wondering if it would be possible to use your space during one of those dates. We don’t have a budget for this project, it is purely for academic purposes, and we won’t be making any money off of it. We were wondering if you would be willing to help make this project come to life.


  7. If my license expires on Saturday and I can’t get a new one until next week, can I still gain admittance to the shows on Monday night or no? I understand its my fault I didn’t get it renewed, just didn’t know the policy.

  8. Hi!

    I’m interested in attending the Dressy Bessy Show this Saturday- are tickets still available? If so, can they only be purchased at the door?


  9. Hey I think I left my card there earlier today. We were ther for like 3 hours and we paid cash but I think the last round was on me after we ordered food! I am so sorry.

  10. This is Mike Borchardt from Brooklyn band, Samantha. We are looking to be touring back through Austin with some NYC and east coast bands again this year during SXSW. We always have a blast when we play down in Austin and we’re looking to set up a show at Hole In The Wall, and we’re wondering what you might have available. I look forward to hearing back and hopefully setting something up with you!
    Happy holiday,

    • Hey there!

      The front room of the venue is accessible from the door entry, and the patio and middle section of the venue are accessible from the gate by the street. Let us know when you get here, and we’ll show you around!

      See you soon 🙂

  11. I think I might have lost an earring there last night. It was an unusual shape with wood & pearl. It means so much to me… if you find it please contact me at 610 442 7272.

  12. Hey I was there on Christmas Day and I think I might have left my credit card there. I know it’s been a long time but had not been able to figure out where it could be until today I had an epiphany. Is there any chance you guys have it?

  13. For your open mic, do bands have to bring their own drum kit and that here you can sign up ahead of time for 15 minutes slots. Can you please let me know how this works ?

  14. Hi there! I hope you see this. I was there last night Wednesday 15th 2017 and was wondering who played at 8? They were great and I’d love to see them again but don’t know who thy are? Do they play every Wednesday at 8?

    Thank you!

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