Located at 2538 Guadalupe St., the Hole in the Wall has been a fixture on the Drag, the pedestrian and business district just west of the University of Texas at Austin, since 1974. Although the venue continues to serve as a popular meeting place for community groups, regulars, and students, our surroundings have changed a great deal in the past forty-some years. Often, patrons’ primary concern is parking next to the busy campus. Following are some options:

Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm:



1) Metered Street Parking:

Metered parking is available on streets marked in blue on the map above.

Parking costs $1/hour before 6pm in these on-street spots. Meters take coins and credit cards.

If your car is there after 6pm, there’s no need to go repay the meter until 8am the next morning.

2) University Garage Parking:

The green “P” at the bottom of the image above indicates the San Antonio Garage at 25th and San Antonio Streets. Drivers can enter the garage heading south on Nueces before 24th St. or heading north on San Antonio before 25th St.

The San Antonio Garage is operated by UT-Austin and does offer visitor parking. Below is a list of garage parking rates:


3) Free Street Parking:

If you’re willing to walk half a mile, parking is free in the neighborhood of Central Austin, north of 29th Street in between Lamar Blvd. to the west and Guadalupe St. to the east. See the green box in the map below:


After parking, walk straight down Nueces or Rio Grande to the Hole in the Wall, as indicated by black arrows above, to avoid traffic on Guadalupe.

Monday to Friday, 6pm–8am; Saturdays and Sundays:

1) Free Street Parking:

On weeknights and throughout weekends, Hole in the Wall patrons can park on the street for free at any time (as long as there’s not a special event taking place). See maps above. UT garage rates still apply.


2) Lot Parking after 9pm:

The parking lot behind the Hole in the Wall is reserved for Verts customers during the daytime, but after 9pm, the lot is available to Hole in the Wall guests as well. Drive north on San Antonio Street, and turn right into the parking lot as follows:


Download the hole-in-the-wall-parking-guide to share with friends, colleagues, or others.

With questions, comments, tips, or otherwise, please contact Hole in the Wall Events Coordinator, Lynn Cowles, at

Drive safe, and we’ll see you soon! xx