See a list of bands playing after 9pm below. Click HERE for Happy Hour bands playing from 6 or 7pm to 9.


Saturday, February 17th
Cortége, 12:45
Alien Knife Fight, 11:45
The Schisms, 10:45
Desilu, 9:45

Sunday, February 18th
Haydon Hoodoo
Stellar Roots
Steven Skinner

Monday, February 19th
Mood Mondays w/ Christy Hays
Jane Ellen Bryant
Beth Chrisman

Tuesday, February 20th
Eric Hisaw residency w
Idle Declasse

Wednesday, February 21st
Indoor Creature
Jade and the Foxtones

Thursday, February 22nd
Willy Chapel
Matt J Bradshaw
Ted Roddy
+ stand up comedy

Friday, February 23rd
Go Fever
Honey and Salt
PR Newman
The Sun Machine


Saturday, February 24th
camp life
brother sports
Futon Blonde
Will Clark


Sunday, February 25th
Raph Shapiro
Haydon Hoodoo
Ginny Marie

Monday, February 26th
Mood Mondays w/ Rachel Lavern
Brennan Leigh
Ali Holder

Tuesday, February 27th
Eric Hisaw residency w/
The Footnotes

Wednesday, February 28th
Mattresses & more TBA

Thursday, March 1st
Kelly Hafner
more TBA

Friday, March 2nd
Granny Tweed
Screamin J
Randall Conrad Olinger


Saturday, March 3rd
Mike & The Stares
Magic Rockers of Texas
Special Guests

Sunday, March 4th
Raph Shapiro
Haydon Hoodoo
more TBA

Monday, March 5th

Tuesday, March 6th
Willy Chapel residnecy

Wednesday, March 7th
Cory Johnson residency

Thursday, March 8th
Jo Jell & more TBA

Sunday, March 11th
Haydon Hoodoo
Ginny Marie

Tuesday, March 13th – SXSW
Day Show: Howdy Gals showase
Night Show: Grand Champeen showcase

Wednesday, March 14th – SXSW
Day Show: Chicken Ranch showcase
Night Show: Fade to Yellow showcase

Thursday, March 15th – SXSW
Day Show: Exploding in Sound
Night Show: Howdy Gals

Friday, March 16th – SXSW
Day Show: That’s What She Said Showcase
Night Show: Shifting Sound Showcase

Saturday, March 17th – SXSW
Day Show: Secret Handshake Showcase
Night Show: Carnival Music Showcase

Sunday, March 18th – Post SXSW Crawfish Boil
more TBA

Friday, March 17th –
Day Show: Chicken Ranch showcase
Night Show: Fade to Yellow showcase


14 thoughts on “SHOW CALENDAR

  1. Used to frequent the Hole while attending UT from 78-81. Was my favorite place. Could walk there from my apt on Duvall. Some nights we were literally dancing on our chairs. Will be in Austin mid Sept. Looking forward to re-visiting my old haunt. Save me a stool at the bar. BTW are the pitchers still $1.25? 😉

  2. during sxsw can you get into hole in the wall without wrist bands and rsvp,first time to sxsw comeing from england and it seems we cant see any music anywhere,thanks for help, peter.

  3. I am looking for a place to have my concert. The closing of trailer space records has left me in a bind, please contact me as soon as you can

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