See a list of bands playing after 9pm below. Click HERE for Happy Hour bands playing from 6 or 7pm to 9.


Tuesday, April 10th
Will Maxwell
Spencer Garland
Jim Campo
Brendan Bond

Wednesday, April 11th
Alex Riegelman & friends
Anna Roenigk
That Summer
Thursday, April 12th
The Big Fix

Friday, April 13th
Indoor Creature
The Iron
David Shabani

Saturday, April 14th
Chakra Khan
March and Beauty
My Golden Calf

Sunday, April 15th
Little Big Man
Haydon Hoodoo
Raph Shapiro

Monday, April 16th
Willy Chapel residency

Tuesday, April 17th
Will Maxwell
Spencer Garland
David Shiengold
Mary Bryce

Wedneday, April 18th
Alex Riegelman & friends
Lauren Burton
Matthew Goletz

Thursday, April 19th
Folk Faces
Jeff Crosby
Feeding Leroy

Friday, April 20th
4/20 celebration w/
Big Bill
The Oysters
Magic Rockers of Texas
Claire Puckett
Duncan Fellows
Hi Gene

Saturday, April 21th
Being Dead
New Berlin
The Boleys

Sunday, April 22nd
Ginny Marie
Haydon Hoodoo
Anna Roenigk

Monday, April 23rd
Light Horse Harry
Fredoria Rebellion
Jake Bardin
Nick Dittmeier

Tuesday, April 24th
Will Maxwell
Spencer Garland

Wednesday, April 25th
Alex Riegelman & friends
Freddie Nunez

Thursday, April 26th
Honey and Salt

Friday, April 27th
Scissor Kick
Shark Rider

Saturday, April 28th
Golden Lights
Red On Yellow
The Bannisters
Venus Loves Mars

Sunday, April 29th
Little Big Man
Haydon Hoodoo
Craig Marshall

Monday, April 30th
Society of Broken Souls
Heather Mills

Tuesday, May 1st
Willy Chapel Residency

Wednesday, May 2nd
Warm Sugar Residency

Thursday, May 4th
Brandon Luedtke
more tba

Friday, May 5th
Batty Jr
Van Mary

Sunday, May 6th
Ginny Marie
Raph Shapiro

Monday, May 7th
Ooni residency

Tuesday, May 8th
David Shiengold

Wednesday, May 9th
Warm Sugar residency

Thursday, May 10th
No I’m the Leader
Room Full of Doors

Friday, May 11th
The Differentials
more tba

Saturday, May 12th
Jeremiah Jackson
Bottlecap Mountain

Sunday, May 13th
Raph Shapiro

Monday, May 14th
Ooni residency

Tuesday, May 15th
Willy Chapel residency

Wednesday, May 16th
Warm Sugar residency

Thursday, May 17th
Magic Rockers of Texas
Star Parks
more TBA

Friday, May 18th
Richard Parker Triad CD Release
Blue Tongue
Ole Creepy

Saturday, May 19th
Rickshaw Billy’s Burger Patrol
Black Basements
Finite Fidelity

Sunday, May 20th
Honey and Salt
Burning Years
Kidlat Punch

Monday, May 21st
Golden Lights
Red On Yellow
The Bannisters
Venus Loves Mars

Tuesday, May 22nd
Juston Hargrove
A Vintage Year
Casual Interference

Wednesday, May 23rd
Warm Sugar residency

Thursday, May 24th
Holiday Music

Being Dead
Clever Girls

Friday, May 25th
Black New Hearts
Jay Satellite
The Gary

Saturday, May 26th
Militant Babies
more tba

Sunday, May 27th
Ned Hill

Monday, May 28th
Ooni residency

Tuesday, May 29th
Jo Hell
more tba

Wednesday, May 30th
Warm Sugar residency

Thursday, May 31st
more tba




14 thoughts on “SHOW CALENDAR

  1. Used to frequent the Hole while attending UT from 78-81. Was my favorite place. Could walk there from my apt on Duvall. Some nights we were literally dancing on our chairs. Will be in Austin mid Sept. Looking forward to re-visiting my old haunt. Save me a stool at the bar. BTW are the pitchers still $1.25? 😉

  2. during sxsw can you get into hole in the wall without wrist bands and rsvp,first time to sxsw comeing from england and it seems we cant see any music anywhere,thanks for help, peter.

  3. I am looking for a place to have my concert. The closing of trailer space records has left me in a bind, please contact me as soon as you can

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