See a list of bands playing after 9pm below. Click HERE for Happy Hour bands playing from 6 or 7pm to 9.

Thursday, June 22nd
The Reploids
Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad
Flyin’ Lion
Vintage Pistol (Fayetteville, AR)

5 dollar cover

Friday, June 23rd
Kara Mosher
Foxi Moxi
Christopher Bryan and the Wild Oats

5 dollar cover

Saturday, June 24th
Brandon Cunningham 1a
Jacob Alan Jaeger 12a
Mad Whitaker 11p
Mystery Achievement 10p

$7 dollar cover after 9pm

Sunday, June 25th
Screamin’ J 12:45
Threes Away 12
LAVOLA 11:15
Ghost Cat (FL) 10:30
Haydon Hoodoo 9

$6 Cover after 9pm

Monday, June 26th
Scrambled Yeggs
Chris Kues
Cass Brostrad

Tuesday, June 27th
Bret Coates
Stone Wheels

Wednesday, June 28th
KVRX presents
Shivery Shakes
The Irish Exit

suggested 5 dollar donation

Thursday, June 29th
Opposite Day
Jibber and Twitch

5 dollar cover

Friday, June 30th
A. Sinclair
Glass Grapes

5 dollar cover

Saturday, July 1st
Mike Nicolai Vinyl Reissue
The Dimaggios
Militant Babies

5 dollar cover

14 thoughts on “SHOW CALENDAR

  1. Used to frequent the Hole while attending UT from 78-81. Was my favorite place. Could walk there from my apt on Duvall. Some nights we were literally dancing on our chairs. Will be in Austin mid Sept. Looking forward to re-visiting my old haunt. Save me a stool at the bar. BTW are the pitchers still $1.25? 😉

  2. during sxsw can you get into hole in the wall without wrist bands and rsvp,first time to sxsw comeing from england and it seems we cant see any music anywhere,thanks for help, peter.

  3. I am looking for a place to have my concert. The closing of trailer space records has left me in a bind, please contact me as soon as you can

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